Multiplexing for biomarker analysis has never been more accessible.

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Unlocking the tumor microenvironment with advanced image analysis.


Markers: CD8, CD68, PD-L1, CK

Spatial Plots

Annotated Tumor, CD8 Cells


PD-L1, CD8

Tissue Segmentation

Tumor region, Non-tumor region

Standard Analysis

CD8, CD68, PD-L1, CK

You tell us what you want to see. We'll take it from there.

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And for the price of a single kit, we’ll stain, image, and return the data to you within two weeks.

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Analysis Consultation

Our dedicated scientific team will walk you through the results, providing you with high-resolution images and data so that you can see the co-localization of your selected markers and differential expression on the whole slide.

Experience firsthand the value in spending less time on assay development and more time on being able to analyze your data.

Overlay your panel of markers on a single slide

Translational immuno-oncology research requires rapid analysis of many cell types and their interaction within the tumor microenvironment.

Our pathology and biomarker analytics team is here to perform image analysis services for your tissue slides. Demo our Immuno8 panel, as shown above.

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