U-VUE Marker Datasheets

Choose from the list of available targets below for more information such as marker background, clone, isotype, and control.

U-VUE Modular Kits

alpha-SMA1A4Coming Soon
Arginase-1EPR6672(B)View Datasheet
Bcl-2SP66Coming Soon
Bcl-XL54H6Coming Soon
beta-CateninE247Coming Soon
BIMY36Coming Soon
CD3BC33View Datasheet
CD4SP35View Datasheet
CD8C8/144BView Datasheet
CD11bSP331View Datasheet
CD11cEP1347YView Datasheet
CD14SP192View Datasheet
CD15Leu-M1 (aka MMA)View Datasheet
CD19EPR5906Coming Soon
CD20L26View Datasheet
CD22EPR20061Coming Soon
CD45ROUCHL1View Datasheet
CD563H15L12View Datasheet
CD68KP-1View Datasheet
CD163EPR19518View Datasheet
CD335195314View Datasheet
FoxP3236A/E7View Datasheet
Granzyme BEPR8260View Datasheet
HLA Class IEMR8-5View Datasheet
HLA-DRTAL 1B5View Datasheet
IDO1EPR20374View Datasheet
iNOSSP126Coming Soon
Ki67SP6View Datasheet
MCL1D5V5LComing Soon
MHC IICR3/43View Datasheet
pan-CKAE1/AE3View Datasheet
PAX5SP34Coming Soon
PD-1CAL20View Datasheet
PD-L173-10View Datasheet
SOX10BC34View Datasheet
TIGITBLR047FView Datasheet
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