U-VUE Marker Datasheets

Choose from the list of available targets below for more information such as marker background, clone, isotype, and control.

U-VUE Modular Kits

alpha-SMA1A4Coming Soon
Arginase-1EPR6672(B)View Datasheet
Arg1Coming Soon
B-cateninE247Coming Soon
BCL2SP66Coming Soon
BCL-XL54H6Coming Soon
BCMAComing Soon
BIMY36Coming Soon
CD11bSP331View Datasheet
CD11cEP1347YView Datasheet
CD138Coming Soon
CD14SP192View Datasheet
CD15Leu-M1 (aka MMA)View Datasheet
CD155Coming Soon
CD163EPR19518View Datasheet
CD19EPR5906Coming Soon
CD20L26View Datasheet
CD206Coming Soon
CD22EPR20061Coming Soon
CD226Coming Soon
CD27Coming Soon
CD28Coming Soon
CD299Coming Soon
CD3BC33View Datasheet
CD31Coming Soon
CD335195314View Datasheet
CD38Coming Soon
CD39Coming Soon
CD4SP35View Datasheet
CD40Coming Soon
CD45ROUCHL1View Datasheet
CD563H15L12View Datasheet
CD68KP-1View Datasheet
CD68/CD163Coming Soon
CD70Coming Soon
CD8C8/144BView Datasheet
CD80Coming Soon
CD86Coming Soon
CD96Coming Soon
CKComing Soon
CK/Sox10Coming Soon
CK/Sox10/CK8/18Coming Soon
CK18Coming Soon
CK8Coming Soon
CK8/18Coming Soon
Clec10aComing Soon
Clec9aComing Soon
CTLA4Coming Soon
DC-LAMPComing Soon
DesminComing Soon
DGKAComing Soon
DGKzComing Soon
FAPComing Soon
FoxP3236A/E7View Datasheet
GITRComing Soon
Granzyme BEPR8260View Datasheet
HLA Class IEMR8-5View Datasheet
HLA DRTAL 1B5View Datasheet
HLA1Coming Soon
iNOSSP126Coming Soon
ID01EPR20374View Datasheet
Ki-67SP6View Datasheet
LAG3Coming Soon
MCL1D5V5LComing Soon
MHCII:HLACR3/43View Datasheet
pan-CKAE1/AE3View Datasheet
NaKATPaseComing Soon
NT5E/CD73Coming Soon
PAX5SP34Coming Soon
PD-1CAL20View Datasheet
PD-L173-10View Datasheet
RIP2Coming Soon
SOX10BC34View Datasheet
STINGComing Soon
TCF1/TCF7Coming Soon
TCF7Coming Soon
TFE3Coming Soon
TIGITBLR047FView Datasheet
TPBGComing Soon
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