U-VUE Biomarker Datasheet - CD22

Alternative Name:Siglec-2
Isotype:Rabbit IgG
Main cell types:B cells
Subcellular Location:Plasma membrane
Positive control:Tonsil, Spleen

CD22 a transmembrane protein present on the surface of B cells. This receptor belongs to the sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-like lectin (SIGLEC) family that binds with sialylated glycoproteins, specifically 2, 6-galactose-linked sialic acids that are abundant on the surface of B cells. CD22 plays an immunomodulatory role in B-cell B-cell interactions by inhibiting B-cell antigen receptor-induced signalling. CD22 can also facilitate cell adhesion and cell signaling and is believed to be involved in the localization of B-cells to lymphoid tissues.

IHC: Anti-CD22 antibody [EPR20061] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (brown). Hematoxylin counterstain in blue.

IHC: Anti-CD22 antibody conjugate [EPR20061] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (brown). Hematoxylin counterstain in blue.

ISP: Anti-CD22 antibody conjugate [EPR20061] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (green). Nuclear counterstain in blue.


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Each lot of antibody conjugate reagent is quality control tested on positive control tissue and reviewed by Ultivue’s Pathology and Biomarker Analytics group to ensure appropriate staining patterns and signal intensity.

This U-VUE Antibody Conjugate is for Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic purposes.

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