U-VUE Biomarker Datasheet - FoxP3

Alternative Name:Forkhead box protein P3, Surfin
Isotype:Mouse IgG1
Main cell types:Regulatory T cells
Subcellular Location:Nuclear
Positive control:Tonsil, Spleen, Lymph Node

FoxP3, or Forkhead Box P3 is a transcription factor important in the development and inhibitory function of regulatory T cells (Tregs). FoxP3 functions by inhibiting cytokine production and T cell effector function, thus playing a crucial role in maintanance of immunological tolerance and control of immune responses against tumors and pathogens.

IHC: Anti-FoxP3 antibody [236A/E7] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (brown). Hematoxylin counterstain in blue.

IHC: Anti-FoxP3 antibody conjugate [236A/E7] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (brown). Hematoxylin counterstain in blue.

ISP: Anti-FoxP3 antibody conjugate [236A/E7] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (green). Nuclear counterstain in blue.


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Each lot of antibody conjugate reagent is quality control tested on positive control tissue and reviewed by Ultivue’s Pathology and Biomarker Analytics group to ensure appropriate staining patterns and signal intensity.

This U-VUE Antibody Conjugate is for Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic purposes.

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