U-VUE Biomarker Datasheet - PD-L1

Alternative Name:CD274, Programmed cell death ligand 1
Isotype:Rabbit IgG
Main cell types:Epithelial, tumor and immune cells
Subcellular Location:Plasma membrane
Positive control:Tonsil

Programmed cell death ligand 1 (PDL1) is a type 1 transmembrane protein (B7-H1) that belongs to the B7 ligands family and may be expressed on both, hematopoietic cells (dendritic cells, macrophages, mast cells, T cells and B cells) and nonhematopoietic cells, including endothelial, epithelial and tumor cells. It plays an immunosuppressive role by inhibiting T-cell activity. Overexpression of PD-L1 by cancer cells may enable them to evade the host immune response, conferring a growth advantage to such tumors.

IHC: Anti-PD-L1 antibody [73-10] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (brown). Hematoxylin counterstain in blue.

IHC: Anti-PD-L1 antibody conjugate [73-10] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (brown). Hematoxylin counterstain in blue.

ISP: Anti-PD-L1 antibody conjugate [73-10] staining normal tonsil FFPE tissue (green). Nuclear counterstain in blue.


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Each lot of antibody conjugate reagent is quality control tested on positive control tissue and reviewed by Ultivue’s Pathology and Biomarker Analytics group to ensure appropriate staining patterns and signal intensity.

This U-VUE Antibody Conjugate is for Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic purposes.

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