From Staining to Analysis: End-to-End Application of UltiMapper™ Kits for Multiplexed Immuno-Profiling

Learn how UltiMapper multiplex IHC assays enable access to whole-slide, highly multiplexed biomarker data optimized on the Leica BOND RX™ autostainer and analyzed using HALO™ image analysis software

The tumor immune micro-environment presents a characterization challenge with high spatial heterogeneity and biological complexity. Conventional immunohistochemistry (IHC) methods only provide insight into a limited number of markers of interest.

Ultivue has developed UltiMapper I/O multiplex IHC kits that offer whole-slide, highly multiplexed biomarker data that are fully optimized, automated staining protocol on the Leica BOND RX autostaining platform. Avoiding any linear unmixing after image acquisition, the UltiMapper I/O whole slide images are directly analyzed using the Indica Labs HALO image analysis software to tap into convoluted biomarker signatures and answer complex biological questions posed by the tumor immune micro-environment.

Webinar Topics:

  • Benefits of the Ultivue technology and value proposition of the UltiMapper I/O kits
  • UltiMapper I/O automated workflow on the Leica BOND RX
  • Downstream image analysis using IndicaLabs’ HALO

About the Speakers:

Stephanie Hennek, PhD
R&D Team Leader, Ultivue

Dr. Stephanie Hennek serves as the technical lead for product development of UltiMapper kits and principal investigator on expanding technology application areas for Ultivue.

Traci DeGeer
Global Product & Innovation Manager, Leica Biosystems

Traci DeGeer is the Global Innovation and Product Manager BOND RX at Leica Biosystems.

Adam Smith
Strategic Accounts Manager, Indica Labs

Adam provides training and workflow support to customers world-wide.

About Ultivue

By developing a single set of novel, proprietary reagents used both for biomarker discovery (higher content, low throughput) and translational use (lower content, high throughput), Ultivue is connecting the insights gained from research directly into the pathology lab. Ultivue’s UltiMapper™ multiplexed assays applied to tissue biopsy samples enable simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarkers with sub-cellular spatial resolution and fit completely within traditional IHC workflows. Translational and clinical researchers leverage UltiMapper assays to elucidate complex biology and demonstrate their clinical utility as precision medicine research tools. Ultivue is expanding its UltiMapper assay product portfolio and menu of contract research services to provide a comprehensive set of precision medicine solutions for oncology research and focus in other therapeutic areas.

Ultivue is based in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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