VUE panels for multiplex immuno-fluorescence

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Characterize immune biology using pre-optimized panels and markers for whole slide analysis. Get unprecedented signal to noise, same slide H&E staining, fast turnaround time, and access to our team of assay development specialists to guide you. With every solution we offer, Ultivue is setting the new standard for mIF solutions.


Choose from our pre-designed panels to identify specific cells in the tissue microenvironment.

Get started quickly and assess the most interesting differences between tissue samples. Using InSituPlex® technology, you can easily switch between panels and indications without adding timely re-optimization steps.



  • Ready-to-use

  • Pre-configured 4- or 8-plex panels

  • Compatible with standard image analysis

  • Fluorescent and H&E images

  • Utilizes robust 8-plex backbone

  • Same slide H&E staining


Quickly customize your immune profiling assay to discover the biology most relevant to your research questions. Starting with the Immuno8 FixVUE panel backbone, switch out up to 2 markers to create the 8-plex panel that identifies the immune cell subsets you need to find. Pre-optimized markers plus the robust InSituPlex® technology means that you can customize without losing valuable time.


  • Delivery in 4 weeks

  • Flexibly adapt your assay to support your hypothesis

  • Choose from a menu of pre-optimized markers

  • Add or subtract markers without assay redevelopment

  • Utilizes robust 8-plex backbone

  • Utilizes robust 8-plex backbone


When your assay requirements are unique, start with the extensive menu of pre-optimized U-VUE markers to build your panel. Fully customizable, and our experts on hand to help guide your assay development, create a robust assay panel that will enable powerful spatial insights into the tissue microenvironment.



  • Choose from a menu of pre-optimized markers

  • Add non-menu markers to create your custom panel

  • Create panels for human, mouse, cynomolgus monkey or any species of your choice

  • Same slide H&E staining and co registration

  • Delivery to your lab, or run you custom projects through our services team

Illuminating Tissues

Illuminating Tissues

InSituPlex® Technology

Why Tissue Plex with InSituPlex?

Ultivue provides researchers and scientists with multiplex biomarker assays and advanced image informatics for tissue phenotyping and digital pathology. Our proprietary InSituPlex® technology enables advanced exploration and interrogation of tissue samples for precision medicine research. These highly customizable solutions and scientific consultative approach strengthen and accelerate biomarker discovery and drug development programs.

InSituPlex® technology requires only a single antigen retrieval step before applying a mixture of DNA barcoded antibodies, which then bind to the desired array of antigens. After amplification, fluorescent probes are attached to those barcodes, allowing for visualisation of the model using fluorescent microscopy. The InSituPlex technology is available in 4, 8, 12-plex panel options.

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Not sure which panel you need?

Not sure which panel you need?

Reach out to us. Our experts are happy to help you.

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