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Develop your own InSituPlex panel from our growing portfolio of available biomarkers

The U-VUE Biomarker menu enables you to develop configurable, ready-to-run multiplex panels to assess tumor, stromal, and immune environments with high resolution.

Kits can range in size based on the needs of your research, up to 8-plex, providing access to a broad range of phenotypes.

All panels come fully-optimized to enable whole-slide, high-resolution multiplexing for cell phenotyping and spatial profiling.

U-VUE Modular Kits

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Please Select up to 8 markers. DAPI is included as the nuclear counterstain.

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Can't see the markers you're looking for?

New markers are being continually added, if you don't see the marker(s) you need, please contact us to ask about availability or to inquire about custom panel development services.

For more information on the reactivity, clone and validation of each marker, please view our marker datasheets.

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