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Technology Overview


Our proprietary InSituPlex technology enables unsurpassed biomarker detection and analysis in tissue, with no compromise on level of multiplexing, throughput of sample staining and imaging, and with no requirement of dedicated instrumentation.


Research Area

Being able to understand the tumor microenvironment (TME) is becoming more and more important in immuno-oncology. Visualizing multiple phenotypes on a tissue sample and understanding the spatial relationship between markers is critical for effective I-O research. Discover how InSituPlex is advancing the field of immuno-oncology.


Research Area

Immunology and inflammation are associated with a wide range of diseases. Discover how Ultivue technology is being used to clearly identify and characterize biomarkers and immune phenotypes in these research areas.


Technical data sheets and information about Ultivue products and technology.


Technical data sheets and information about Ultivue products and technology.

Application Notes

Learn more about how UltiMapper kits and InSituPlex technology are being used in different applications.


Watch past webinars presented by Ultivue experts and others employing Ultivue’s technology.


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