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Angela Vasaturo, PhD

Director of Scientific Affairs, Ultivue

Comprehensive Biomarker Strategies to Decipher the Tumor Microenvironment: from Tissue to High-Quality Spatial Insights

15 minutes

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InSituPlex, OmniVUE™, Spatial Image Analysis, U-VUE

Description The determination of robust biomarkers is crucial for the successful development and deployment of precision cancer therapies. This presentation highlights a novel approach to accelerate biomarker discovery and spatial biology research by combining ultra-sensitive multiplex assays with AI-powered image analysis. This powerful combination allows researchers to gain deeper insights into the complexities of the tumor microenvironment. Overview of what is addressed: The use of a unique DNA-barcoded antibody technology and its impact on enabling highly sensitive and robust multiplex biomarker detection. How this approach allows for the flexible design of customized panels to suit specific research questions. Data demonstrating the technology’s high degree of reproducibility and accuracy in quantifying biomarker expression, even for low abundance targets.

Meet the presenter

Dr. Angela Vasaturo is Director of Scientific Affairs at Ultivue. Prior to Ultivue, Angela was a Senior Researcher in Dr. Jerome Galon’s Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology at the Cordeliers Research Center. Angela was among the first in Europe to be involved in the development of multiplex IHC and multispectral imaging and analysis of up to six immunofluorescence markers, and today is considered a leading European expert in multiplex IHC techniques, digital pathology, spatial biology, and tissue imaging.

Angela Vasaturo, PhD
Director of Scientific Affairs, Ultivue