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The Scientist - Investigating Targeted CD3 Activation in Cytotoxic T cells via Immune Checkpoint Inhibition

Kristin Fino, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Immune checkpoint inhibitors promote anti-tumor immune responses by enhancing T-cell activity. Measuring the pharmacodynamic effects of these drug types presents a challenge as both the immune and cancer cell populations must be separated and assessed individually. Using a quantitative multiplex immunofluorescence assay (mIF) allows for in-depth cell phenotype characterization and spatial context. Researchers at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research developed a robust mIF assay with InSituPlex® technology to better investigate T-cell activation states within the tumor microenvironment and across multiple patient tumor biopsies.

The Pathologist - Leveraging next generation multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry

Alexander Klimowicz, Boehringer Ingelheim

Next-generation multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry methods offer new capabilities for scientists to explore the biology of disease within patient tissues.This webinar will focus on user experiences using the Ultivue InSituPlex fluorescence multiplex IHC platform and provide insight and examples of how this technology can be applied in a research setting.

Labroots - Phenotyping the Tumor Microenvironment with Advanced Tissue-Base Multiplexing Assays

Katir Patel, Ultivue

The benefits of multiplex immunohistochemistry assays for tissue analysis are numerous. This webinar will provide insight into how Ultivue’s InSituPlex® technology addresses each of these needs and current challenges to enable researchers to unmask the true biology of tissue samples.

Labroots - Multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry using the Ultivue InSituPlex platform

Leica Biosystems & Boehringer Ingelheim

Multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry offers a window into the biology of human disease. However, the multiplexing capabilities of fluorescence IHC are subject to several technical challenges. This webinar will provide insight and examples of how the Ultivue InSituplex platform may be used to address several of the current challenges associated with multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry.

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