Ultivue Announces its STARVUE™ Image Data Science Platform, Providing Researchers with an Integrated, AI-Driven Analytical Solution for Generating Spatial Insights

Cambridge, Mass., Apr. 3, 2024 – Ultivue, a market leader in quantitative proteomic biomarker detection and advanced spatial tissue profiling, is unveiling its spatial insights platform, STARVUE™, at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, taking place from April 5-10 in San Diego, CA. STARVUE™ is the culmination of Ultivue’s multi-year engineering efforts to bring the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and image data science to translational and clinical research applications, via a highly accurate and scalable analytical solution.

Through seamless analysis of data from InSituPlex® assays, known for their robust and highly specific biomarker detection, STARVUE™ empowers researchers with automated, high-confidence spatial insights into the tissue microenvironment. The resulting integrated analytical solution – a pairing of state-of-the-art chemistry and software – yields a workflow that saves months of time compared to manual, less quantitative methods.

The STARVUE™ platform harnesses the power of Ultivue’s flagship tissue-based image analysis applications: UltiStacker.AI™ and UltiAnalyzer.AI™. UltiStacker.AI™ utilizes state-of-the-art deep-learning models to co-register multiple rounds of multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) and brightfield images of the same tissue specimen with micron-level accuracy. UltiAnalyzer.AI™ offers precise whole-slide mIF spatial image analysis using cutting-edge deep-learning algorithms for tissue detection, segmentation, cell segmentation and cell-biomarker classification, based on cell morphology and detected signal intensities. This new, AI-driven approach eliminates external subjective errors commonly associated with threshold-based image analysis methods and facilitates robust biomarker detection.

Ruben Cardenes, Director of AI Engineering at Ultivue, emphasized, “With UltiStacker.AI™ and UltiAnalyzer.AI™, we apply cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help researchers dive deeper into the intra- and inter-cellular dynamics of the tissue microenvironment, and gain accurate, actionable insights for their specific biological inquiries, faster.”

InSituPlex® assays offer an unparalleled dynamic range of biomarker detection through direct target detection and a proprietary isometric, single-molecule signal amplification that directly correlates detected signal intensity to the number of target molecules. The deep-learning models utilized in UltiAnalyzer.AI™ leverage accurately annotated training datasets from more than one petabyte of images of tissues stained with InSituPlex® assays, ensuring high precision in biomarker detection across various tissue indications and heterogeneous sample cohorts.

Both software applications support highly scalable image analysis, capable of processing hundreds of images in parallel through Ultivue’s cloud-based infrastructure, which serves as the foundation of the STARVUE™ platform. Ultivue is also announcing an early-access program; through it, researchers can upload images acquired from running InSituPlex® assays in their own labs.

Moreover, the STARVUE™ platform seamlessly integrates powerful APIs and third-party web-based image visualization, annotation, and management applications within its cloud-based infrastructure. Users benefit from a seamless workflow for creating high-confidence, actionable insights from tissue samples, which enables effective evaluation of their biological hypotheses.

At AACR, Ultivue will present two posters showcasing UltiAnalyzer.AI™ cloud-based, high-throughput image analysis and management workflows, including integration of the OMERO Plus platform and AWS SageMaker with Ultivue software. Both posters are part of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine/Deep Learning 3 session: Poster Section 36, posters 28 and 29. Ultivue’s presentations at AACR also showcase capabilities related to OmniVUE™ configurable biomarker panels and 12-plex assay services, enabling the analysis of up to 12 biomarkers in a single assay.

“With the STARVUE™ image data science platform, we offer a comprehensive analytical solution that combines robust InSituPlex® assays with advanced AI-driven image analysis at scale,” said Rob Carson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Ultivue. “Through an integrated workflow, we help researchers obtain high-confidence spatial insights and derive actionable conclusions in precision oncology.”

To learn more about Ultivue’s integrated spatial image analysis capabilities, please schedule a session with the Ultivue team through https://ultivue.com/events/aacr-meeting-2024/, chat with the team through www.ultivue.com, or connect via email at contact@ultivue.com.

About Ultivue

Ultivue provides researchers with the clearest profile of cancer biology, enabling them to see more, see faster, and see in situ. Through ultra-sensitive InSituPlex® assays and advanced AI-driven spatial image analysis, Ultivue empowers scientists developing precision cancer therapies to gain quantitative, high-confidence insights in just a fraction of the time.

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April 3, 2024

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