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Intratumoral plasma cells predict outcomes to PD-L1 blockade in non-small cell lung cancer


The power of data analytics in biomarker programs


Image analysis for IO biomarker programs


Comprehensive tailored multiplex panel – a powerful tool for phenotypic analysis


Add multiplex IF to research – systemic inflammation associates witha myeloid inflamed tumor…


UltiStacker – essential tool for image co-registration of multiple IF scans


Flexible 8-plex panel for investigation of specific cell types in the TME


Flexible 8-plex panel for biomarker programs


Advanced phenotyping of the tumor immune microenvironment


Using multiplexed Immunofluorescence for spatial quantification of immune cells


Combinatorial immunotherapy with advanced solid tumors


Phenotyping the TME with tissue-based multiplexing assays


Next generation multiplex fluorescence IHC


Investigating targeted T-cell activation


Multiplexing and image analysis of PD-L1


8-plex immunofluorescence staining in the TME


Multiplex IF in the TME with customizable InSituPlex assays


Moving from single marker IHC to multiplex IF