Yvette Cajigas

Expert Spotlight

Yvette Cajigas

Portfolio Owner, Assay Services

“My passion really lies in understanding customer problems and trying to figure out which custom InSituPlex® panels can help answer their specific biological questions.”


Yvette Cajigas, Assay Services Portfolio Owner at Ultivue, was “born and raised in pathology.” With over 20 years of experience in the fields, she’s been everything from a histopathologist to a developer of high-plex assays.

After working for more than a decade in high throughput lab operations in academia and CROs, Yvette wanted to shift toward industry or biotech where she could use her expertise in immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence to shape the direction of product and service offerings.

She was drawn to Ultivue because of their innovation in spatial biology and the ease, speed, and consistency of their assays that position them to one day achieve clinical adoption.

Role at Ultivue

Yvette is passionate about helping customers. One of the most rewarding aspects of her role at Ultivue is using her experience in pathology to help clients answer important biological questions.

She gets to dive into the specifics of each scientist’s research goals and it’s her job to determine exactly which assay or panel will best serve the client’s needs. With Ultivue’s wide range of Assay Services, she can rapidly identify solutions for nearly any client problem.

Whether a customer needs end-to-end assay development, or assistance focused on image analysis or tissue staining, Yvette wants each customer to receive exactly what they are looking for in their interaction with Ultivue. Her goal is to make the customer experience at Ultivue “as equally reproducible as the assay itself.”

Looking ahead

Yvette understands how reticent-to-change the field of pathology can be. She’s come to realize that pathologists are trained to be cautious and process oriented – and anything that disrupts the standard process could interfere with the interpretation of results.

However, Yvette sees this as an opportunity to communicate how powerful multiplex immunofluorescence can be for translational and clinical research. She believes that Ultivue’s highly reproducible assays will one day enable not only precision oncology research, but also inform clinical decision-making.

Start finding your answers. Talk to us to define your next project.

Start finding your answers. Talk to us to define your next project.