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Presented at: AACR 2022

Development of specific multiplexed immunofluorescence immune assays to study mouse models of tumorigenesis

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Description Our poster describes the verification process to development specific pre-clinical mouse specific multiplexed immunofluorescence (mIF) assays. The use of pre-clinical mouse tumor models is widely used to demonstrate efficacy of novel immunotherapies, however a more comprehensive view of their tumor-immune compositions and their relevance to human tumors is needed. The use of specific mouse tissue phenotyping and mIF assays offer the unique advantage of preserving the architectural features of the tumor and revealing the spatial relationships between tumor cells and immune cells.


Yvette Cajigas, Alina Ainbinder, Gourab Chatterjee, Angela Vasaturo, Holger Weber, Erin Nicola, Mael Manesse, Kirsteen H. Maclean

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Want to meet with us? Check out our upcoming events.