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Presented at: AACR 2022

High throughput tissue phenotyping and imaging of the tumor immune microenvironment using novel FlexVUE™multiplexed immunofluorescence assays

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FlexVUE, InSituPlex

Description Our poster describes the implementation and utility of our new pre-optimized flexible multiplexed immunofluorescence assays (FlexVUE panels) to provide the necessary relevant distribution of infiltrating immune cells in tumors. The approach describes how to quickly customize your immune profiling assay to discover the biology most relevant to your research question by starting with the Immuno8 FixVUE panel backbone and switch out up to 2 markers (from a pre-optimized and verified list) to create your own custom 8-plex panel that identifies the immune cell subsets you need to find.


Yvette Cajigas, Alina Ainbinder, Angela Vasaturo, Cassandra Kysilovsky, Douglas Wood and Kirsteen H. Maclean

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Want to meet with us? Check out our upcoming events.