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Yvette Cajigas & Angela Vasaturo, PhD

Director of Product Development at Ultivue, Inc. & Director of Scientific Affairs, Ultivue

Precise and Robust Immune Profiling: Validation of a Flexible Multiplex Immunofluorescence Workflow

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Description Though widely recognized that mIF assays have critical implications for clinical translation, validation of mIF staining that allows for flexibility in biomarker selection is a barrier for mIF integration into clinical practice. Join Yvette Cajigas and Angela Vasaturo, experts in assay development and biomarker strategy, and learn about a simple approach to evaluate sensitivity and reproducibility – without sacrificing the flexibility needed to answer biological questions required for evaluating specific treatment options. Take a deep dive into the world of multiplex immunofluorescence and see first-hand how Ultivue’s OmniVUE panels use its patented InSituPlex® technology to advance precision therapies in clinical trials.

Key Takeaways

Understand the challenge of mIF validation and its critical implications for clinical translation

Discover a simple method to assess sensitivity and reproducibility using the InSituPlex® (ISP) staining workflow without sacrificing flexibility

See how single markers in the multiplex ISP assay demonstrate high reproducibility and steric independence, making it a reliable approach.

Meet the presenters

Yvette Cajigas:

Yvette Cajigas is Director of Product Development at Ultivue, and is a board-certified histotechnologist with nearly 2 decades of experience in Anatomic Pathology. She has served as a technical lead at clinical academic and contract research pathology laboratories, and has extensive expertise in histologic technique assay development and multispectral digital pathology.

Angela Vasaturo, PhD

Dr. Angela Vasaturo is Director of Scientific Affairs at Ultivue. Prior to Ultivue, Angela was a Senior Researcher in Dr. Jerome Galon’s Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology at the Cordeliers Research Center. Angela was among the first in Europe to be involved in the development of multiplex IHC and multispectral imaging and analysis of up to six immunofluorescence markers, and today is considered a leading European expert in multiplex IHC techniques, digital pathology, spatial biology, and tissue imaging.



Yvette Cajigas

Director of Product Development at Ultivue, Inc.

Angela Vasaturo, PhD

Director of Scientific Affairs at Ultivue, Inc.