Jacques Corriveau

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I have learned in my career that there is a special recipe for making young companies successful. You need to have an amazing product that enables customers to accomplish their goals in a better way than their current method. You need to have a product that can evolve with the needs of the customer, and in our case, with the biology. Lastly, you need a team that is completely dedicated to the customer’s goals while also understanding that growing a young company is more of a lifestyle than a job. It’s hard work but very personally rewarding – and completely addictive!

Jacques Corriveau

Jacques Corriveau

President and CEO, Ultivue Inc.

September 13, 2021

Prior to joining Ultivue as CEO in January 2020, I had the unique opportunity to see the organization in action through a collaboration between my then employer, Definiens, and Ultivue. I was completely convinced that Ultivue had the right ingredients for the success recipe, and I knew I wanted to be part of the company. Like everyone, we faced challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic but used the opportunity to craft who we want to be as an organization and how we want our customers to experience working with us. Our vision for the future is to help physicians use biomarkers to select the best treatment for the individual, not just the disease. To achieve this goal, we aim to enable our customers to develop innovative cancer therapies grounded in the biology of each patient’s disease while increasing clinical trial speed. We also want to inspire our customers by providing key insights and support across their entire biomarker development program. Lastly, we want our customers to absolutely love working with us and our products.

In this new blog series, we hope to give you insights into who we are and what we do at Ultivue, and what we are thinking about the world. We sincerely hope that this weekly blog series will be informative, inspiring, enabling and something you will share with others.

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