Ultivue announces launch of new configurable multiplex spatial panels at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 2023 meeting

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ahead of the 38th annual meeting of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), Ultivue today announced the launch of OmniVUE™, a unique portfolio of fully customizable biomarker panels for multiplex immunofluorescence analysis of the tumor immune microenvironment. Researchers can now select any combination of up to 8 biomarkers from Ultivue’s validated biomarker core library and design OmniVUE panels tailored to their specific biological questions. Pre-optimized ready-to-use kits with OmniVUE panels will be delivered within four weeks of request, with no additional development costs.

Ultivue’s biomarker library currently includes 24 validated immune biomarkers with additional biomarkers of clinical relevance being added continually. OmniVUE panels leverage Ultivue’s proprietary InSituPlex® platform technology to enable a fast and simple assay workflow with high-quality, reliable, and quantitatively verified assay performance. As such, researchers can generate rapid and reliable insights through their tailored OmniVUE panels to verify their clinical strategies during drug development or clinical trials.

“We are excited to introduce OmniVUE as a powerful spatial proteomics solution to the immuno-oncology research community. OmniVUE enables researchers to accelerate their development timelines through fast and agile hypothesis verification,” said Gourab Chatterjee, Ph.D., Associate Director of Product Management and Research and Development at Ultivue. “Scientists can now select and test for biomarkers most relevant to their research, at no extra development cost—within weeks.”

In addition, Ultivue announced that during this year’s SITC meeting (to be held in San Diego on November 1-5) its researchers will present 3 posters, including:

  • Rapid and efficient removal of hematoxylin & eosin (H&E) staining for fluorescence-based multiplex tissue analysis
    A simple strategy for H&E stain removal enabled multiplex immunofluorescence analysis of additional biomarkers in archived FFPE tissue sections.
    • Primary Author: Kevin Hwang, PhD
    • Abstract Number: 88

  • Evaluation of precision and robustness of a flexible multiplex immunofluorescence workflow for immune profiling analysis
    Changing the biomarker panel composition did not hinder the reproducibility of individual markers, demonstrating the robustness of InSituPlex® to enable the flexibility needed in translational research.
    • Primary Author: Yvette Cajigas
    • Abstract Number: 4099

  • UltiStacker™: Easy to use multimodal image co-registration with sub-cellular accuracy
    UltiStacker™ achieved 1 µm co-registration of whole slide images for accurate phenotyping of cells across multiple rounds of fluorescent and brightfield scanning and enabled visualization and analysis of cells in multiple modalities.
    • Primary Author: Douglas Wood, PhD
    • Abstract Number: 1313

Ultivue’s President and CEO Rob Carson added, “OmniVUE is the latest innovation in our growing portfolio of kitted assays and services aimed at providing solutions that advance precision oncology. This technology sets a new standard in performance, flexibility and speed and we look forward to introducing OmniVUE at this year’s SITC meeting and to presenting newly generated evidence supporting our platforms.”

To learn more about OmniVUE, you can reach out to the Ultivue team through the media contacts below or register to attend the OmniVUE product launch event at SITC 2023.

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November 2, 2023

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