5977 Multi-parametric analysis of human livers reveals variation in intrahepatic inflammation across phases of chronic hepatitis B infection

lnoe Rico Montanaria, Ricardo Ramírezb, Abhishek Aggarwalb, Nickvan Buuren, Michael Doukas, Christina Moon, Scott Turner, Lauri Diehl Li Li , Jose D Debes , Becket Feierbach, AndreBoonstra

Categories: 5978 Heterogeneity of programmed death-ligand 1 expression and infiltrating lymphocytes in paired resected primary and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer

Jianghua Wu, Wei Sun, Xin Yang, Haiyue Wang, Xinying Liu, Kaiwen Chi, Lixin Zhou, Xiaozheng Huang, Luning Mao, Shuai Zhao, Tingting Ding, Bin Meng & Dongmei Lin

Categories: 5773 Validation of multiplex immunofluorescence and digital image analysis for programmed death-ligand 1 expression and immune cell assessment in non-small cell lung cancer

Jianghua Wu, Luning Mao, Wei Sun, Xin Yang, Haiyue Wang, Xinying Liu, Kaiwen Chi, Xiaozheng Huang and Dongmei Lin

Categories: 5768 PD-L1 Protein Expression on Both Tumor Cells and Macrophages are Associated with Response to Neoadjuvant Durvalumab with Chemotherapy in Triple-negative Breast Cancer

Fahad Shabbir Ahmed, Patricia Gaule, John McGuire, Katir Patel, Kim Blenman, Lajos Pusztai and David L. Rimm

Categories: 5595 Improving the Diagnostic Accuracy of the PD-L1 Test with Image Analysis and Multiplex Hybridization

Matthew P. Humphries, Victoria Bingham, Fatima Abdullahi Sidi, Stephanie G. Craig, Stephen McQuaid, Jacqueline James and Manuel Salto-Tellez

Categories: 5767 PD-L1 Expression in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, Anne V. Philips, Funda Meric-Bernstam, Na Qiao, Yun Wu, Susan Harrington, Xiaoping Su, Ying Wang, Ana M. Gonzalez-Angulo, Argun Akcakanat, Akhil Chawla, Michael Curran, Patrick Hwu, Padmanee Sharma, Jennifer K. Litton, Jeffrey J. Molldrem and Gheath Alatrash